Residential Building G+6 Al Warqa-2

Total plot area is 16,500 ft. located in Al Warqa-II, the plot is located in one of the main streets in Al Warqa-II, which is a commercial street.
The project includes ground and six typical floors. The ground floor is having the main entrance of the building and three shops located on the main street and residence car park. In the above typical, six floors include 48 apartments; 24 as 2 BR, and 24 as 3 BR and roof floor dedicated for gymnasium together with an outdoor pool.
The Elevation Design shows a lot of framing around the window. The frames are of different sizes and colors, and in some areas are tilted and projected. The glass window uneven cover the elevation which gives randomness to the Architectural design of the project.
Total built up area: 62,300 ft is the total area of the project including main building and balconies which is considered as main elements and feature to the building.