Mosque At Dubai

Located in Dubai Saih Al shuhaib area with a plot area of 107,639 sq.ft. The project has four main blocks first one is the mosque with an area of around 12,680.00 sq.ft. The mosque includes main prayer hall with the capacity of 454 worshippers, secondary prayer hall with the capacity of 310 worshippers and the ladies prayer hall around 105 worshippers. The second one is imam block with a total built up area of around 3,907.00 sq.ft. The third one is labor accommodation with a built up area of 328.00 sq.ft. the fourth and last block is the shops which includes 3 large individual blocks placed separately as random in the site. Each shop blocks are with an area of 1033.00 sq.ft and the total area of three shops are 3100.00 sq.ft. The elevation design idea has emerged from the Islamic mashrabiya pattern which placed as random and very attractive. The mosque has an equilateral triangular modern style minaret and very modern stylish dome with Islamic calligraphy placed on the surface. Also the project includes 70 car parking and 12 bicycle parking.
Mosque At Dubai Mosque At Dubai Mosque At Dubai