Each concept is developed by our experienced designers whose unmatched creativity continues to impress their peers and exceed their client’s expectation. With years of experience, complemented by planning and managerial expertise, ideas are made reality, ensuring success for the life of every project. Our designers work side by side with our architectural department to provide customized solutions for clients seeking progressive approach to design. Our forward thinking approach to design enables us to create truly dynamic environments that surpass the expectations of our clients.


Our number one priority is providing our clients with a product that fits their budgeting needs and quality standards. Our select team of Engineers makes each project innovative and functional, and specializes in fast track building to get your project operational as quickly as possible.


Our mission is to transform spaces into living, breathing environments where people socialize and interact. In return, the reward for us is delivering an unforgettable experience for our clients, as well as theirs. Through communication, we cultivate a relationship of understanding that helps us to meet our clients’ goals. We work closely with trusted contractors to bring quality and timely conclusions to all our projects. Shadi Chaar, our MD, believes it is as important to be happy in your work as it is to achieve the aims of each project, the goal is to have fun, be the best at what we do while delivering good value to high standards at competitive prices and make money. With years of experience in the industry, our innovation and creative team brings the highest design standards to each project. We continue to design projects that demonstrate our design versatility with an array of styles from classic to modern, and from contemporary to eclectic.


Master-planning is essentially an ethical development process, combined with the vision of social requirements and sustainable environment for residents, public and private facilities. OBE design architects and planning team invite you to participate in this stimulating process to develop customized schemes based on the specific residential and socio-economic aspects in the urban context.