Al Marmoum Mosque

Located in Dubai- Al Ain Road at Al Marmoom area, with a plot area of 60,000 sq. ft., the Mosque has four main blocks. First is the main prayer hall and ladies prayer hall with surrounding arcade with an area of 12,500 sq. Ft. The second block is the ablution and service block which include WCs and ablution hall and electrical and plumbing rooms with an area of 1,300 sq.ft. The third one is the Imam block with a total area of around 4,000 sq.ft which include three residential units for Imam and other mosque staff. The fourth and last block is the shops which include four large shops with an area exceed 3,800 sq ft. The total area of the project 22,000 sq. Ft with total 1,200 worshippers in the main hall and another 500 worshippers under the arcade, and another 500 worshippers for the ladies prayer room. Also, the project is provided with an internal parking lot for the Mosque worshippers and external parking lot behind the plot in case there are extra visitors. The Mosque has one Minaret and one Main Dome. The minaret design as modern away from the standard and classic design of classic minaret its square plan in shape transform into three smaller square rotated into 45 degrees in the last portion.
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