Riggat Al Buteen Mosque

Located in the important plot in Baniyas Road interchange with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Plot area 20,090 sq. Ft which are considered small to compare the design requirements. Several secondary domes and two minarets surround the main central dome of this religious gem in one of the most vibrant areas in old Dubai, the Baniyas area designed with the traditional Arabic and Islamic architecture in mind with white stone, and several arches on the front entrance of the mosque. The project layout follow the Islamic lines and the relation between the main prayer hall and service block close which give the feeling of the old Sikka in the city which links the worshippers from the ablution to the main prayer hall through narrow Sikka. The main hall covers 1,500 worshippers and can approach through three classic arches leads to high open veranda leading to the main hall.
Riggat Al Buteen Mosque Riggat Al Buteen Mosque Riggat Al Buteen Mosque Riggat Al Buteen Mosque